Our Simple 4 Step Process

The DRK Home Development Process


Phase 01

Initial Contact, Project Planning, Secure Financing


Phase 02

Evaluate Lot, Site Work, Floor Plans & Options, Pricing


Phase 03

Contract, Permits, Ordering, Site Work Preparation


Phase 04

House Delivery, Construction, Finish, You Enjoy!

Our Process (more Details)

  • Phase 1
    Initial Contact, Project Planning, Secure Financing

    To begin the construction process, it is essential to first consult with a representative from DRK Home Development in order to gain insight into your objectives and ensure that we can meet your requirements.

    It is crucial for you to obtain pre-approval at an early stage, even before considering proceeding with the home building project. This step allows us to fully understand your aspirations and provide suitable accommodations.

  • Phase 2
    Evaluate Lot, Site Work, Floor Plans & Options, Pricing

    If you have a piece of land or plan to demolish your current home for a new construction, it is essential to obtain a survey of the property. This survey will provide accurate information about the topography of the land as well as any zoning requirements, ultimately saving you both time and money. Once this survey is complete, DRK Home Development will assess the situation.

    After gathering your site information and budget, our team begins the exciting design process. We offer assistance in determining a suitable floor plan while helping you choose the perfect products and colors. From door styles to cabinet color, countertops, tiles, and moldings, we cover all aspects. These details form the basis of your proposal and pricing. Our professional team is committed to delivering high-quality results.

  • Phase 3
    Contract, Permits, Ordering, Site Work Preparation

    While we eagerly anticipate the completion of the appraisal and engineered plans, our team is committed to making significant progress in other aspects of your home project. We will diligently focus on finalizing your contracts, selecting colors, and choosing finishes that will meet your preferences and specifications. Additionally, we will ensure that all the necessary paperwork for bank approval and building permits is completed accurately and efficiently.

    Congratulations on closing your loan and obtaining the building permit! This exciting milestone means that DRK Home Development can now proceed to order your personalized modular home, while you begin preparing your lot for delivery. As the excavation and foundation work commence, rest assured that your home will be constructed in a factory-controlled environment.

  • Phase 4
    House Delivery, Construction, Finish, You Enjoy!

    DRK Home Development guarantees the delivery of your dream home within 6-10 weeks of placing your order. Our seamless process includes coordinating all necessary transportation logistics from our factory to your lot. A team of professionals will handle all aspects of the delivery, ensuring the safe and efficient arrival of your new home. Upon delivery, our experienced crew will use a crane to carefully set your dream home onto its foundation. We take immense pride in providing top-quality service and craftsmanship, making your dream home a reality.

    Trust DRK Home Development to deliver your home on time and with utmost professionalism. Once your house is situated on the foundation, it can be completed within a short span of 12 weeks. Once the house is set, all the remaining finish work, including carpentry, plumbing, HVAC, and electrical tasks. This entails buttoning up the carpentry and attending to miscellaneous plumbing, HVAC, and electrical aspects of your home. Everything will be done professionally, adhering to the en-US tone of voice.

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