Build Multi Family style houses in Massachusetts

Multi Family Modular Homes

Our duplex and triplex designs offer a range of style and layout options tailored to meet your specific requirements. These homes are cost-effective solutions for those constrained by a tight budget. Choose from the multi-family homes below to learn more details.

Build a Multi Family Home with DRK Home Development

Our construction company ensures a faster return on your investment by providing a quicker turnaround time for delivering completed apartments. Compared to on-site construction, we save you 20 to 30 percent of the time usually required. By utilizing highly efficient construction processes, we are able to manufacture multiple parts simultaneously, significantly reducing the overall construction duration. This not only allows you to enjoy your apartment sooner but also maximizes your investment's profitability.

Quick Return on Investment

We specialize in designing and constructing stunning modular townhomes that are highly sought after by urban tenants. Our focus is on creating beautiful buildings that have an instant allure, ensuring you attract new tenants effortlessly. Our meticulous design process guarantees that your home will be highly desirable and easily rented shortly after it's completed. Trust us to deliver exceptional quality and create homes that appeal to the discerning tastes of urban dwellers. By choosing our services, you can confidently expect your property to be in high demand, maximizing your rental income and ensuring a seamless renting experience.

Custom Duplex and Triplex Homes

DRK Home Development is a reputable firm specializing in designing and constructing new modular apartment developments. We pride ourselves on collaborating closely with our clients to tailor our pre-existing plans according to their preferences. By offering innovative design solutions, we empower our clients to actively participate in the creation of building designs that will be adored by their tenants. 

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At DRK Home Development, we offer all-encompassing modular house packages in Central and Eastern, MA, at a competitive and inclusive price.

Our professional services ensure that every aspect of building your new home is taken care of. With our simple low price, you can rely on us to deliver a complete solution without any hidden costs.

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Quality Materials - Precise Specifications

Our team utilizes top-notch materials that are carefully crafted off-site to ensure precision in construction. By choosing our services, you can enjoy various cost advantages compared to traditional on-site building methods. Opting for modular construction not only shortens the construction duration but also minimizes labor expenses for you.

See: Modular Home Standard Specifications

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The DRK Home Development Process

Phase 01


Phase 01

Initial Contact, Project Planning, Secure Financing

Phase 02


Phase 02

Evaluate Lot, Site Work, Floor Plans & Options, Pricing

Phase 03


Phase 03

Contract, Permits, Ordering, Site Work Preparation

Phase 04


Phase 04

House Delivery, Construction, Finish, You Enjoy!