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Build an Affordable Garage in Massachusetts

We know that everyone can use extra space or protection for their cars and valuable tools or power equipment. DRK Home Development has affordable garage solutions in Massachusetts with several style options available. These styles include The New England, The Barn, The Basic, 2 Car Truss and The Deluxe. Each comes with a comprehensive garage package that includes everything you need in one low price. Choose a style of garage below for more information and how to get started.

The New England

The New EnglandNow Only: $62,500.Was: $73,561.

The Barn

The BarnNow Only: $82,000.Was: $87,000.

The Basic

The BasicNow Only: $62,500.Was: $73,561.

2 Car Truss

2 Car TrussNow Only: $62,500.Was: $73,561.

The Deluxe

The DeluxeNow Only: $62,500.Was: $73,561.

Note: These suggested online prices are based on current 2023 costs and availbility of building materials but are subject to change. Please call to confirm quote. 781-570-1554

It's so EASY to have Your New Garage Built by DRK

Affordable garages create additional storage space, protect vehicles and belongings from adverse weather conditions, and enhance the overall value of a property. By having a new garage built, individuals can securely store their vehicles, reducing the risk of theft or damage. Moreover, garages provide ample room to organize tools, equipment, and other possessions, promoting a neat and tidy living or work space.

The construction of an affordable garage also shields vehicles from harsh weather elements such as rain, snow, and extreme temperatures, which can cause significant wear and tear. Furthermore, homeowners can greatly increase the value of their property by adding a new garage, as it enhances curb appeal and provides potential buyers with additional amenities. Building an affordable garage is a practical investment that promotes safety, organization, protection, and ultimately, adds value to one's property.

From designing the structure to obtaining permits and procuring high-quality materials, we have it all covered. Our dedication to customer satisfaction means that we prioritize transparency and provide you with comprehensive support throughout the construction process. Choose DRK Home Development for a hassle-free garage-building experience, where all your needs are met within one affordable package.

DRK Home Development can build your dream garage in 4 simple steps. See Our Process.

Affordable Garage Packages

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At DRK Home Development, we offer all-encompassing garage packages in Central and Eastern, MA, at a competitive and inclusive price.

Our professional services ensure that every aspect of building your new garage is taken care of. With our simple low price, you can rely on us to deliver a complete solution without any hidden costs.

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Free Estimates & On-Site Consultation

Our company offers free estimates for garage construction and on-site excavation projects. As professionals in the field, we provide accurate evaluations to help our clients plan their projects effectively. Whether you need a new garage or are undertaking a large-scale excavation, we are equipped to meet your needs. Our team specializes in delivering high-quality workmanship and adhering to project timelines.

By requesting a free estimate, you can gain a comprehensive understanding of the costs involved and make informed decisions. With our professionalism and expertise, we aim to deliver exceptional service that exceeds your expectations. Contact us today to book your free estimate for garage construction or on-site excavation work.

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Our Simple 4 Step Process - View Details

The DRK Home Development Process


Phase 01

Initial Contact, Project Planning, Secure Financing


Phase 02

Evaluate Lot, Site Work, Floor Plans & Options, Pricing


Phase 03

Contract, Permits, Ordering, Site Work Preparation


Phase 04

House Delivery, Construction, Finish, You Enjoy!