The Barn Style Garage

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Was: $87,000. Limited Time Offer! - Now Only: $82,000.

The "Barn" style Garage is a professional and comprehensive package that includes design plans, excavation and backfill using existing materials, a foundation with a 4-foot frost wall and footings, and a reinforced concrete floor. The construction utilizes 2" x 6" framework, providing strength and durability. The roof is covered with 5/8" plywood sheathing, while the walls are protected by 7/16" OSB sheathing. The garage is designed to include one or two double-hung windows, allowing for natural light and ventilation. Additionally, it features vinyl siding for a polished appearance. This all-inclusive package ensures a high-quality and well-constructed garage, meeting the needs of any discerning homeowner.

Note: These suggested online prices are based on current 2023 costs and availbility of building materials but are subject to change. Please call to confirm quote. 781-570-1554

There is so much included with this Garage Package and at such an afforable price!
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